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Posted on by Anders Aakesson

About Our Jewelry | Historien bakom våra smycken

Life is a journey. For want of better words this is the best we can do to explain it, a journey in an unchartered territory where we make our own paths. No one has ever lived your life before and so none can tell you how you should live it or what choices you should make. 

Many of us feel the strong need to stick with the path trotted so many times before them. Though in doing so, without knowing it, they deprive themselves of life’s greatest gift. The unknown. There are not many surprises on the well-travelled paths, only expectations met. Whereas in the unknown even the smallest and simplest things can leave you awestruck.

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For us this means we live life with an urge to make the most of it, some days we succeed and some days we do not. The outcome is never the goal, what really matters how we try.

Jewelry is exceptional in that we constantly wear them, close. Be it a necklace, earring, bracelet or ring. Giving us a unique opportunity to provide you with an instrument that will help guide you, stay true to your course. To serve as a constant reminder of the true wonders that exists in life. To give you courage when faced with the unknown or to bring insight to the beauty of not knowing what will eventually matter.

Swedish jewelry online

Therefore, when we make jewelry, we use only the most durable materials such as stainless steel and gold- & rosegold using environmentally friendly IP technique. We want to create pieces that are everlasting in both its physical and mental form. Companions that stay with you wherever you go.

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Find the yggdrasil by sweden jewelry that speaks to you, order it online and have it delivered to your home.

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- Carina & Anders