About Our Cork Yoga Mats

Posted on by Anders Aakesson

About Our Cork Yoga Mats | Historien bakom våra ekologiska yogamattor i kork

First off, we love yoga! What we love most about yoga is that you can compare it to life. Basically, if your body isn't smiling from within while you practice you’re doing it wrong.

The same is true in life. If you find yourself constantly brought down by it there is probably something you need adjust. In yoga this might be a few inches here and there to get it right. It is not very different from life, small changes can have massive effect if you just dare explore them.

It is important to know that no one can tell you what those changes could be, they are unique to you and can only be figured out by yourself. The one thing that is common for all is that your whole body, same as in yoga, will reward you when you get it right!

Making a yoga mat in Eco-friendly cork came very natural for us as yoga has become an integral part of our lives. The whole concept of yoga once you understand it we believe to be one of the missing pieces in most lives. Who doesn’t need to build up or maintain a physical base strength while training the mind to be strong and focused at the same time? If everyone did this the world would be a very, very different place.

Anti-slip cork yoga mat 3,4mm with print OM sign

When making our yoga mats we placed our own desires at the very center of the development. Naturally it had to be an anti-slip yoga mat, too much effort has been put in to maintaining these delicate positions on slippery footing. Our yoga mat even scales and gives more grip when wet.

For us the fact that we managed to make this in 100% biodegradable using renewable materials such as cork and rubber is wonderful. You can even smell this when you use it, the cork gives of a soft nutty scent that will calm you and bring you back to nature.

The material guide cork yoga mat Yggdrasil by sweden

Our fantastic prints meticulously designed to inspire you wherever you go. 

Yggdrasil by sweden cork anti-slip yoga mats with amazing prints palm leaf & flowers Tropical Tranquility

So, find the anti-slip yoga mat that speaks to you, order it online and have it delivered to your home. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact our top-notch Yggdrasil by Sweden customer service! 

And you know what, every yoga mat comes with a complimentary, and easy to use,  carry strap.

Yoga mat carry strap | Yggdrasil by Sweden


Again, welcome to Yggdrasil by Sweden

- Carina & Anders