About Our Sports Towels

Posted on by Anders Aakesson

About Our Sports Towels | Historien bakom våra handdukar i mikrofiber-mocka

We are nomads. As such our lives have been much about learning to embrace change and the uncertain. Staying ready to enjoy what is there, living in the moment.

We believe that a strong body breeds a strong mind and even though yoga has played a key role for us, there are limitless ways to build a stronger vessel for your mind. This is a lifelong quest of the highest importance, in an ever changing world this can at times been challenging.

We have come to realize that the best exercise you do is the one that actually happens. You simply always need to be prepared for when that is.

Sports towels in microfiber suede. Travel towel. yoga towel. Amazing prints Yggdrasil by sweden

Our primary reason for making this towel, except our own need for it that is, has been to allow for this nomadic type of lifestyle. To give you the freedom it means to constantly have a large and dry towel at hand.

Regardless of what your needs are, this is the towel you use.

We made it small and light to carry so that it will fit anywhere and not be cumbersome. Yet it is large enough when fully spread out to give you a place to dry on the beach while also offering privacy when changing clothes. The poly-amide microfiber that makes up this suede material was originally developed for smaller sports towels used by professional divers and swimmers. They can absorb vast amount of water and be wrung out when saturated to continue to absorb water even when wet. The material is naturally anti-microbial, meaning you can leave it wet in a gym bag over night by mistake without the problem of bad odor and it dries quickly even if not hung correctly.

We have passed on the prints used for the yoga mats to the sports towels, our hope is that these prints will continue to inspire you wherever you go. 

Sports towels in microfiber suede. Travel towel. yoga towel. Amazing prints Yggdrasil by sweden

Now go find the ultra-compact microfiber towel you love, order it online and have it delivered to your home. And don’t forget that if you have any questions just contact our Yggdrasil By Sweden customer service. We are always here to help you.

The complimentary and easy to use travel pouch in natural hemp to facilitate your packing.

A small reminder to try. Even if it's a bit scary. 

Again, welcome to Yggdrasil by Sweden

- Carina & Anders Aakesson