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Welcome to Yggdrasil By Sweden!

Yggdrasil is a Swedish lifestyle brand, founded in 2012 by us Anders and Carina Aakesson. We met during our master studies in engineering at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology many years ago and have been inseparable ever since. 

Our passion and core reason for founding Yggdrasil by Sweden is to inspire you and to bring fulfillment to our lives.

When we create something, we start by asking ourselves the two most important questions. Why should we make this? Followed with, how do we make this into more than just an item? Sometimes the answer is simple and sometimes the answer is too complex for us to continue. 

If you take our non-slip yoga mat as an example, our aim was to create the perfect tool for the yoga practitioner’s body and mind. Merely creating an ecofriendly cork yoga mat with the ultimate physical properties, was only a prerequisite for enhancing the whole yoga experience! 

The reason for us to ask these questions has to do with our way of living and who we are. We ask these questions to make sure everything we do brings us that sense of fulfillment that only comes from knowing we make a difference in someone else’s life.

Our vision is to create designs that will inspire you to seek this sense of fulfillment in your life. We all start out on paths not entirely chosen by ourselves, asking the question of why will eventually lead you on to a path that is.

Best Selling Yoga Mats

Did you know? Cork contains suberin, a waxy, grippy substance that is released when wet. Grip is actually increased the more you sweat. Unlike other yoga mats on the market, cork’s micro-holes keep sweat from “pooling” up on the mat no matter how sweaty your practice. You never need a towel or to worry about slipping again!